BDI biotech participated in the EFIB2019

On the 1st and 2nd of October, members of BDI Biotech attended the EFIB, the leading market annual event in Europe for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy.

Taking place in Belgium, The event included different workshops, speakers and networking activities.

The event’s focus was best summed up by Christine Lang of the German Bioeconomy Summit; “in the future, we have to think not only about technology but also about including society and consumers”.

What’s more, the rest of the conference and speeches were focused on the importance of the collaboration between industry, academia and how governments must be the driving force behind the sustainable growth of a biobased and circular economy

Members of BDI Biotech had the opportunity to share an outstanding example of the circular economy with its LIFE Yeast Program.

It was a great opportunity to see which companies have become aware of the importance of contributing to the circular economy in the future. Also, to see how they presented all the new advances being made in the food field in biobase products. 

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