The objective of this LIFE project is to develop a new and innovative method to use BSY as a raw material. By developing alternative uses of BSY, BDi biotechnology and AB InBev, main partners of THE LIFE YEAST PROJECT, strive to build a more sustainable brewing process and increase resource efficiency, fully compliant with the circular economy concept. These goals are totally aligned with our dream to create a better world. Therefore, LIFE YEAST aims to contribute to the transition towards a circular economy by:

  • developing a new methodology to process BSY into valuable constituents that can be used as raw materials in a wide range of industrial applications,
  • developing new applications for BSY, with an emphasis on technologies that are at or close to market readiness.

The above mentioned BSY constituents are Customized Yeast Extract (CYE), Yeast Cell Wall (YCW), Partially Autolysed Yeast (PAY) and bioactive peptides.


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